Hello parents/guardians,

We are here to welcome you to the new 2016/2017 Before & After school care program. We ask that all parents/guardians review the handbook so you are familiar with the way this program is going to be run.

We provide care on school days and early dismissal days. Our morning care is open from 6:00am-8:00am, and our afternoon care is from 2:37-6:00pm Wednesday care is from 1:40pm-6:00pm. We have a scheduled routine each day of the week. We will have recess/free time, snack time, homework time, movie/ craft/game time, computer time, and then gym time. You are expected to have your child/children picked up by 6:00pm sharp. If you are late there will be fees added to the following week’s payment. The fees are as follows:

Morning care – $4.50

1 hour of care (PM ONLY) – $ 3.00

(Child/children must be picked up by 3:40pm every minute after you will be                               charged a $1.00 fee up to $7.50 for the afternoon. Late fees after 6:00pm are applicable)

Afternoon care – $7.50

Late fees will be $1.00 a minute after 6:00pm  

Early dismissal days are as follows:

11:30 am dismissal $14.00 for the afternoon

1:40 pm dismissal $7.50

*Payment can be made in cash or by check made payable to Westfield School*

We collect all payments every week on Friday for the following week. You can fill out our form online to schedule your child/children for BASC. If  your payment is not turned in then your child/children cannot attend the program.  We also have to have the form for the week filled out with the days of care and or times that are needed along with payment. The forms are very important so that we know how many children we will have each day in the program. If your child is absent a day that you paid for care you will not get a refund for the day. If you need a monthly receipt for your records and or tax purposes please inform the coordinator at the beginning of the month.

We do provide a snack and juice each afternoon to every student that attends our program for more than 1 hour. If you feel the need to pack extra snacks feel free to send them with your child/children and they can choose to eat whichever one they want. We do not provide snack in the morning, but you are welcome to send one with them if you would like to.

Please notify us of any special needs for your child/children: Diet, Medical conditions or Allergies

Drop off/ Pick up

We will provide a form for you to complete with personal information, family information, Health information and a list of 3 people who can pick up your child/children from the before and after school program. We will have a sign out sheet in the PM. If you are picking up a child/children in the afternoon you will have to be one of those 3 people listed in order to pick up the child/children. We will not release any child/children to a minor under the age of 16yrs old.  If we are unfamiliar with the person we will ask for ID.

Activities are always supervised inside and outside. Please dress your child/children for appropriate weather. Feel free to send spare clothes to our program, if you feel it is needed.

Personal items are allowed, although we do not take any responsibility for them. So bring them at your own risk.

We are open for students starting on August 22nd 2015 both Morning  (6-8am) and Afternoon (2:37-6pm) Wednesday (1:40-6pm)

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me Nina Hinojosa. You may also contact the main office as well.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help you and your child/children before and after school we look forward to a great school year.